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About Us

Combining the Art of Grape Growing and Winemaking

Visit our local winery in Palisade, CO for an original experience
Sauvage Spectrum is reimagining the Colorado wine industry. We are not here to elevate Colorado wine, we are the definition of it. You can discover over 26 varietals of hand-harvested, still & sparkling wine at our winery in Palisade, CO.

You'll find that our wines have soft and nuanced flavors because of the unique terroir. Soil composition, abundant sunshine, high altitude, and fresh snow melt all play a part in the finished wines. We're proud of our boot-strap operation and want to showcase the unique tastes that Colorado offers when big banks and corporations don't have a hand in the business. Visit our local, family owned winery today to discover how we're bringing grape growing and winemaking together in perfect harmony.


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